Do It Yourself Home Design Ideas

You do not need to be an expert in DIY to come up with some fresh design ideas for your home, says Janet Pritchard from www.minimalinteriors.co.uk. Here Janet shares some low-cost ideas to improve your home that just about anyone can do.

Wooden furniture that is scratched or scarred can be given a facelift by sanding down and refinishing or completely painting a different colour. Small scratches or chips can be surprisingly easily disguised using a walnut! The variegation and colour in a fresh walnut will help blend the unsightly mark in with the natural colour of the wood, and the texture of the nut allows you to get inside a groove more easily than with a traditional wood finisher or retouch solution: It may not totally cover the scratch totally but will definitely leave it less noticeable.

You can make your own kitchen stools or bedside tables using concrete and wooden dowels: simply fill a round, square, or other shaped receptacle with concrete; to the depth that you require the thickness of your stool or table top; i.e. 8 inches, insert three or four dowels (or metal tubes) when the concrete is set enough to hold them in place, and then when completely set you simply turn out the mould to reveal your three or four-legged stool or table. These can be painted or covered in fabric with foam padding if required. This is a very cheap and unique way to furnish a kitchen, although it does involve some work.

Turn your bathroom into a luxury spa with a stone “mat” next to your bath or shower. A shallow wooden tray can be filled with pebbles that you find on a beach, or with decorative stones brought from a garden centre or craft shop, so that when you step out of the shower or bath you get the luxurious feel of smooth pebbles underfoot as you dry off. Plastic trays can also be used, but they do not quite have the same look.

In the bedroom, headboards can be recovered to update them or change the colour scheme, or a padded board can be affixed to the wall to act as a headboard if the bed does not have one. Making a headboard from scratch is not difficult either, all you need is some chipboard, foam, and attractive fabric to match your room’s décor.

You can make a do it yourself garden bench using two old dining chairs, attached with a wide plank as the seat and a narrow plank for the bench back. When painted this can look quite attractive and give new life to two otherwise useless chairs.

A little imagination and a pot of paint or a few scraps of fabric, can go a long way to updating your home.