Doing a loft conversion is a perfectly pleasant way for you to add extra space to your home. Not only will you reap the rewards of having extra space in your home, but you will also watch as it increases the value of your property.  Loft conversions have far more benefits for homeowners that traditional building alterations and the best part is that most conversions will not require permission from planning departments.

Whether you are looking into doing a loft conversion or you already have one in place, here are 6 incredible ideas for your loft:

Artsy Exposed Beams

If you are looking to create a space which is rustic and charming then we suggest that you cut out some of the plastering work to leave a few of the roof beams exposed. This will create a unique atmosphere for your space and when done correctly will cut down on …

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You do not need to be an expert in DIY to come up with some fresh design ideas for your home, says Janet Pritchard from Here Janet shares some low-cost ideas to improve your home that just about anyone can do.

Wooden furniture that is scratched or scarred can be given a facelift by sanding down and refinishing or completely painting a different colour. Small scratches or chips can be surprisingly easily disguised using a walnut! The variegation and colour in a fresh walnut will help blend the unsightly mark in with the natural colour of the wood, and the texture of the nut allows you to get inside a groove more easily than with a traditional wood finisher or retouch solution: It may not totally cover the scratch totally but will definitely leave it less noticeable.

You can make your own kitchen stools or bedside tables using …

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