5 Road Paving Process for Maximum Results

In asphalting the road, whether or not the quality of the road is very dependent on the process of the work of the asphalting service itself. If you use the best road paving service, you can be sure that the process will produce a good road. To get good results, it is necessary to pay attention to the various processes of the process. There are 5 important processes in paving roads. So that all asphalt road services will carry out these steps.

The following are 5 processes that affect the quality of road asphalt:

Soil Leveling Process

The first thing to do is the process of leveling the ground. This first process is very important because it will affect the next process. If the leveling of the land is not good then in the next process the results will not be optimal.


The next thing to do is compaction. Compaction is very important because it will be the foundation of the road to be traversed. A good and strong resin bound driveway layers will make the results will be good and not easily damaged.

Use of Macadam Stone

The next step that must be used in the process of paving the road is to put macadam stones with a height of 15cm. This macadam stone is placed after the compaction process. So the base will be much stronger. The foundation used in the asphalt process must be flat to get quality and smooth asphalt results.

Rolling out the Split Rock

The type of stone that is often used in the process of installing macadam stone is split stone. Road asphalt services will use split stones for height control when working on asphalt. Split stone is considered to be of better quality and quality when used in asphalting.

Asphalt Glue Watering

For hot mix asphalt to stick between the split stones, asphalt glue will be used. Split stones and macadam stones must be glued together so that the results are better and stronger. With this process, the quality of asphalt will be guaranteed and can last longer.

Indeed, the asphalting process is a bit complicated because of the many processes that must be carried out by road contractor services. In each process will certainly affect the quality of the road itself. So you have to look for the best and professional road paving services.