5 Unexpected Problems With Building a Loft

Deciding to do a loft conversion is a big deal. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind before and during the renovation process. While most homeowners are able to pull off a loft conversion without a hitch occasionally, there are a few snags along the way. While they might seem big to you at the time, they can easily be solved.

Here are 5 unexpected problems people have found while doing a loft conversion and ways you can solve them without it costing you a fortune:

Problem: Roof Space

Often, a family decides to convert their roof space into a loft with doing the correct measurements. In these types of cases, the family would have bought all of the supplies needed for the loft conversion without doing the proper preparations for the work.

Solution: Be Accurate

The first thing you need to do when deciding to do a loft conversion is get up into your roof and do accurate measurements. The general rule to go by is that you will need 2.2m to 2.3m of space in your roof for a loft conversion. If you do not have the right amount of space in your roof your loft conversion will end up costing you much more than you expected. Do not get disheartened, there are ways around doing a loft conversion if you do not have enough space. There are professionally run family business builders who can guide you through the process of doing a loft conversion if you do not have enough space.

Problem: Loft is too hot or too cold

When a loft conversion is completed you could find that the area is either too warm or too cold. When this happens you can be sure that the area has not been insulated properly. Without the correct insulation, the new area you created will not give you the joy you desired from it.

Solution: Insulate Differently

Insulation is an important part of a building. The type of insulation you choose will determine how well your loft is able to keep heat and cold out. This is because insulation regulates the temperature at which the room is kept. For a loft, you will need to make sure that both the roof and the ceiling are properly and professionally insulated.

Problem: Floor Stability

Occasionally homeowners will find that their current roofing structure will not adequately support a loft conversion. This is an easy fix although you can expect to pay a little more for it. There are professional building companies who specialise in structural reinforcement of roofs.

Solution: Reinforcement

This is one of the first considerations you will need to do when deciding to convert your loft. You need to make sure that the floor of your loft is able to support the structure. If you find that you need to add in a little more support you can do this through beams and trusses. The reinforcement of your loft floor will ensure that you can safely use the area.