6 Incredible Ideas For Your Loft Conversion

Doing a loft conversion is a perfectly pleasant way for you to add extra space to your home. Not only will you reap the rewards of having extra space in your home, but you will also watch as it increases the value of your property.  Loft conversions have far more benefits for homeowners that traditional building alterations and the best part is that most conversions will not require permission from planning departments.

Whether you are looking into doing a loft conversion or you already have one in place, here are 6 incredible ideas for your loft:

Artsy Exposed Beams

If you are looking to create a space which is rustic and charming then we suggest that you cut out some of the plastering work to leave a few of the roof beams exposed. This will create a unique atmosphere for your space and when done correctly will cut down on the cost of your loft conversion. The idea can be taken even further by matching furniture and floorboards to the colour of the wood used in the beams. If you are using the area as a bedroom you simply need to add in crisp white bedding and dazzle with pops of bright colours to add in your personal design touch.

Styling For Bathrooms

If you are planning to use your loft as a bedroom then the chances are great you’ve already factored in the need for a bathroom. Creating an elegant loft bathroom does not have to cost you’re a small fortune either. Why not make sure that you include a stunning skylight to allow for natural light to enter your bathroom. Picking the right tiles for your bathroom means that you will have an area which resonates tranquillity and bliss.

Be Adaptive

Lofts naturally have uneven and sometimes low ceilings. Some even have walls which slope. If you want to make the best of this space you need to find ways to adapt to the strange angles. Get a professional in to build your custom cupboards which will fill these spaces and also think of using multi-use folding and space saving furniture in your loft. Making use of every single bit of awkward space will ensure that you free up much-needed floor space. You can let your creative juices run wild when finding innovative ways to save space.

Think Carefully About Windows

When and how your windows are placed will be one of your most important considerations for doing your loft conversion. You need to think about where they will be placed to allow for the most natural light to enter your loft. Additionally, you will need to consider what you will be looking at when you peer out your windows. You do not want to stare into the back of your neighbour’s garden or have your window placed in front of your toilet.

Get Reading

If you have a strange corner in your loft, why not think about converting it into a lovely and cosy reading corner. Ideally, this area would be situated close to or in front of a window which received a lot of direct sunlight. Can you think of a better way to spend a rainy or cold winter day than curled up reading?

Get Gaming

One of the fastest growing trends in the uses for lofts is to convert the area into a gaming room. Fit the area out with a TV and your console games as well as a table for board games and your set to go. Alternatively, you can lay out a few beanbags and turn the area into a home theatre. With the right curtains, you can achieve that perfect movie space.