Floating Decorative Fountains for small to large ponds!

A floating decorative pond fountain actually adds lots of oxygen to your pond. The simple motion and movement of flowing water helps to control the build-up of algae, sludge bottom muck and weeds without costly or dangerous chemicals. Ponds that have less stagnant water means many benefits including fewer mosquitoes and other pesky insects. And the extra larger volume of oxygen in the water promotes healthier fish and other wildlife. The decorative fountains beautiful displays look like something you would see at a golf course or fancy resort. We offer these pond fountains that range in spray height from 10′ to 20′ high. It is possible to make a really big statement out in your pond with our large fountains that have a spray of 45′ in height. To maximize your pond’s aeration, the pond aerator or fountain you choose needs to be the correct size and have the proper features to do a good job. This website has convenient sizing charts to aid customer’s selection process in customizing aerators to their ponds. Fountains 2 Go presents a variety of floating pond aerators and decorative pond fountain styles and sizes to choose from, including small and large display pond aerator systems, diffused aeration systems for the bottom of the pond,

high-oxygen surface aerators and small to large decorative floating pond fountains.

Without enough aeration in the pond or lake sediments will collect on the floor of the pond or lake and begin decomposing and altering the composition of the pond or lake sediments which can, under the proper conditions, lead to algae blooms that can be hard to deal with and can disturb the peace and natural balance of the pond or lake. And if left alone, over time, with the upcoming warmer days of summer you will quite possibly see these additional nutrients begin to encourage a rapid growth of algae, bottom muck, and often cloudy green pond water. Aerating the lake or pond with a decorative display aerator will help prevent this growth