Luxury Real Estate in Barcelona

The demand in the real estate market of the second-largest city in Spain has always been strong. Although house prices in the Catalan capital experienced an average inter-annual variation of 1{cb2adddd8ee9b18b13a9071f7870e7ce5f45673c321a5d890c3919b0a5191a6d} for the third quarter of 2019, the market continues to expand, especially in the luxury sector. Barcelona is a beautiful town that attracts more than 7 million tourists every year. Plus, many domestic and foreign investors have decided to invest in luxury housing there.

The most Sought-After Luxury Property Types in Barcelona

The vast majority of investors come from France, the UK, Belgium, Italy or Eastern Europe. And they are generally clients with businesses abroad. Most of the time, they have favorite neighborhoods in town. So, as far as luxury real estate Barcelona is concerned, the most coveted areas remain the same despite the opening of some luxury hotels in certain quarters like Paseo Colón. In a nutshell, Paseo de Gracia (Eixample), Sarria Sant Gervasi and Diagonal Mar are the most requested places and every prestigious real estate agency Barcelona is fighting for houses and apartments in those parts of the city.

In addition to the neighborhood, these higher net worth investors have a clear idea of ​​the type of property they are looking for. The best-selling ones are modern apartments and luxurious style properties. And some special details can push them to purchase. As a matter of fact, details related to the region which bring authenticity are very great selling points. It can be typical high ceilings, Catalan vault with exposed wooden beams and floors in hydraulic tiles.

On the other hand, the demand for detached houses or villas is becoming rarer in the Catalan capital. It is because unfortunately, there are very few properties of this kind and that impact on the current market of real estate in Barcelona. If the buyers insist to have a house or a villa, their real estate agency Barcelona would recommend them to opt for other areas like Castelldefels, Sitges or Gava.

Barcelona Real Estate Becomes Stronger over Time

Barcelona has many assets in terms of real estate. Indeed, its excellent geographical location, its numerous air and land connections, its climate and its access to the sea are decisive criteria for foreign investors. Investment in a luxury property will certainly be maintained over time. This is a domain that does not have an expiration date. Although the initial investment is significant, it will be worthwhile in time.

Barcelona is the fourth smart city in Europe, with the establishment of numerous companies in the technology, renewable energies and biomedicine sectors. This implantation dynamics is also enhanced by Barcelonactiva, a government company which offers recommendations or expert advice from entrepreneurship. On the other hand, the city organizes many international congresses, which places it among the world’s greatest towns in terms of business tourism. Investing in Barcelona high standing real estate remains a key value.