Princess Elsa and Moana Review

It is a no brainer that both of these films have extremely likeable characters. With frozen, we have the main characters, Elsa and Anna. The thing we love about them is they are shown to truly care for each other. And we know their struggles. When Elsa runs away by mistake revealing she has ice powers, we know her struggles. She never meant to hurt any person. She was afraid of who she was. Anna still planned to go after he because of how much she cares. With the support of Kristoff definitely! And so does Olaf! And definitely, people hate Olaf, but I personally do not believe he is irritating. I do not know why people say he did not perform anything for the plot. He actually did. He took Kristoff and Anna the ice castle, he saved Anna from dying in a locked room, and he told her about real love. I also truly like the parents of Elsa and Anna, they do their top to ensure that Elsa can keep her power under control. And they want to keep the 2 girls safe. As much as I hate troll personalities, they actually had a factor to be there. Pretty much every personality in this film contributes something. Another option in adding to a princess party is having hula dancers and drummers come out to bring more excitement and entertainment to the venue.

In Moana, we have the 2 main characters, Maui and Moana. Moana is a girl who has forever wanted to go sailing beyond the reef. She actually has a motivation. Unlike a many Disney princess from a Disney film 1989! Moana is also famous to be very heroic and brave. Muai, voiced by Dwayne Johnson, is a demigod who stole the Te Fiti heart and got stranded on an Island after losing his magic hook. At primary I thought it was going to hate this lady, but he ended being my preferred character.  He is extremely funny and get some amazing development.  The other characters are Moana family members. And to be honest, they are very pretty. Even Moana presents are not that amazing. I hate him very much. I cannot stand Hei Hei! Why did he have to participate Moana on her adventure? That makes me so sad. I had to think extremely hard about which film had the amazing characters, but at the end, I felt like frozen had the amazing characters. Do not hate me, I felt like they did an extremely amazing job at making us care about the characters. So once again, Frozen gets the big point.