The Right Way to Choose a Housing Developer

Limited land due to the increasing demand for housing, makes developers or developers look for alternatives for everyone who wants to buy a house. However, buying a house through the services of a developer still carries risks that can cause losses that are not small in value. Therefore, in order to avoid these various risks, let’s look at the right way to choose a housing developer as follows;

1. Developer Reputation

The first step is not to be in a hurry when choosing a developer. This is because it can cause a number of losses. The risk involved in buying this first home is certainly very large. Even if it is done by way of credit, the time to pay off the house is even before the house is built by the developer. Make sure to choose a developer with a good reputation, and has a responsible performance, so that various matters related to this purchase can run smoothly. You can trustly choose a developer on รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี to build your own dream house like you wants to

2. Certificate Process

When buying a house through the services of a developer, the process of completing the house certificate starts with the name of the developer itself. This step will take some processing time to be transferred on behalf of the new owner. Therefore, it is very important to ask from the start, when the certificate can be transferred to the consumer. In general, this will also be listed in the sale and purchase agreement, but always make sure to also ask the developer directly.

3. Don’t Pay Down Payment

Never pay a down payment (DP) to the developer before the mortgage is approved by the bank. Even though the developer has collaborated with the bank where the mortgage application is submitted, there is no guarantee that the mortgage will be approved by the bank. Avoid paying the DP before the approval, because in some cases when the DP has been paid but the mortgage is rejected by the bank the money will be difficult to return and usually a percentage will be deducted by the developer.

4. Can’t Take Over

Various reasons may be the cause of consumers wanting to take over to other banks, from banks that have already provided their mortgage facilities. But usually this will be difficult to do, because in general, banks will ask for a certificate on behalf of the owner of the housing unit when submitting a take over to another bank. If you haven’t transferred the ownership certificate from the developer, it’s likely that you won’t be able to take over. This is something that must be considered from the start, when choosing a bank for housing finance.

5. Build Progress Not On Schedule

This is a risk that is very likely to be experienced when buying a house through a developer. Even consumers may be faced with conditions such as the house is not finished, even though the payment has been paid. Then the house is finished or so it is built but outside the specified target (too late). It can even happen that the construction of the house is completed, but not according to the initial (bad) standards or specifications. Avoid the various things above by choosing a reliable and reputable developer in the property business.

6. Developer Responsibilities

If you see the magnitude of the risk borne by buying a house through the services of a developer, it is very important to anticipate various default actions that may be taken by the developer. Understand this obligation well, if you can find it in the sale and purchase agreement of the house.


8. Enhancement of Certificate Rights

After the AJB is completed, the consumer will then get a copy of the certificate of ownership (CO) from the lending bank or vice versa only a copy of the certificate of building use rights (COBR) from the developer. If the certificate is still in SHGB status, you should immediately upgrade your rights to SHM. If the developer does not take care, the consumer must immediately take care of it himself. This ownership status has an impact on the sale value when the house is used as an investment property.

9. Building Permit

Based on Law concerning Buildings, there is a condition that in order to construct a building, it is required to have a Building Permit (BP). Make sure the house you buy is equipped with an IMB because it helps to avoid various problems in the future related to the building permit.

10. Avoid Transactions

Never make transactions under the hand, because it is very risky to cause losses. Do it according to the procedure, if it turns out that the house is still pledged to the bank, then do the transfer of credit at the bank with a notarized deed.