Top 6 Causes of Low Water Pressure and How to Fix it!

So you’ve just turned on the tap and a dribble of water has fallen out… barely even making a sound as it gets swallowed up by the drain.

Low water pressure is a fate we all suffer at least once or twice in our lives. And while some can live with it, others, (like yourself) simply cannot.

We get you.

Low water pressure is a sad thing. It must be fixed.

Here are 5 potential causes and solutions to get that tap working again ASAP.

1. Main isolation valve

Notice your entire water supply is weak? Even the taps outside? This is probably a main isolation valve situation.

If you’re in a residential home, the main isolation valve is located at your water meter which is most likely at the edge of your property. Make sure the valve is fully on – to provide your home with maximum water supply. If you’re living in an apartment, unit, or townhouse, you will have two – one serving the entire property, and then your own one which is usually located within your home or building.

Local waterworks are often done in the early hours of the morning, and, as such, shut-off valves can often be the victims of poor handling and forgetfulness.

Notice something else wrong with your shut-off valve? It might be worth contacting a qualified Perth plumber to take a look.

2. Blocked pipe

Blocked pipes are a nasty cause of low water pressure and should be dealt with swiftly so as not to cause any further damage. Minerals and debris can slowly build up over time causing pipes to become narrower and the water pressure to become stifled. If you notice low water in one specific area of the property – for example in the bathroom region – this could be a sign that a supply line to this area of the house is blocked.

Solution? Half of solving this issue is knowing what is causing the blockage – and where. You’ll want to contact a plumber so they can inspect using drain cameras.

3. Water leak

Possibly the worst-case scenario – this issue should be investigated and fixed as soon as possible. Water leaks can be a drain on not just your water pressure, but your hard-earned money too. A leak underground or somewhere invisible to the naked eye could cost you big time on your next water bill. That’s why investigating sudden onsets of low water pressure in your home or business should be a priority.

Solution? It’s simple: call a Perth plumber immediately and get the ball rolling. The quicker you act the more money you save.

4. Water overuse

Someone is brushing their teeth, while the dishwasher and washing machine are chugging away in the background – and now you want to run a bath too?

You could be dealing with low pressure simply because there’s not enough water in the system to satisfy everyone’s needs at once – or you left the hose running.

It’s worth going and checking on all taps and water outlets in and around your home. Once you’re sure they are all off, go back and try again.

5. Waterworks in the neighbourhood

The Water Corporation is always busy fixing leaks, supply inconsistencies, and responding to water-related issues in the community. Chances are, they’re carrying out repairs nearby your home and may have reduced the water supply or even turned it off temporarily. If it is planned maintenance – they should have notified you beforehand of the service disruption. Either way, you can always check on any current waterworks happening in your area by visiting their online portal.

Solution? Just wait it out. Most water-works only take a couple of hours to finish.

6. Your hot water system is faulty

This is the easiest to diagnose – as it’ll only be your hot water that is painfully low on pressure. There could be several reasons why your hot water system is playing up chief among them is it’s old and just needs to be replaced. Other causes are a build-up of sediment and minerals at the bottom of the tank causing blockages within your system, or you might be dealing with a faulty pressure regulator.

Solutions? Call a Perth plumber – if they’re any good they might even give you some helpful over-the-phone advice.

Fix your water pressure today: hire a professional plumber

Getting your water pressure fixed is a game-changer: no more waiting for half an hour until the bath is ready; no more disappointing showers.

But getting to the root of your low water pressure issue can sometimes be harder than expected. Leaks, broken pipes, and faulty hot water systems are only going to worsen with time, so when it all goes south, it’s good to jump on a solution as quickly as possible.

Get in contact with a professional Perth plumber you can trust will do the job right. Call in now and fix your water pressure today.